Sometimes a movie doesn’t have to make sense to be awesome. In this case, we’ll let you be the judge…. Throwback Thursday to the late eighties movie Mannequin! and the even better early nineties sequel Mannequin Two: On the Move….

Kyle Wilson

When I asked Kyle Wilson, our head of post production here at Phanta for a baby picture he sent me this. I guess he still feels like he’s a brand new babe Ask him for his “two-cents” and he’ll give…

English Butler Masala Chai

Before he worked for us… He was a young, promising director… From the mind of one of Phanta’s very own… We’re proud to share, “English Butler Masala Chai”. A romantic comedy of errors, it tells the story of an Indian…

#TBT Leah

…the landline phone (remember those?). Making some calls and booking some podcast guests. No doubt.

Mark in the Car

Now that #ExtraordinaryVideo has brought Mark’s vlog series, Mark In The Car back to life it’s time to reflect on the past. I wonder what he’s ranting about in this episode, not enough juice boxes? Check out what Mark in…

#TBT Louis

Uh-oh. Looks like someone is making a health and safety violation! Good to know that our health and safety rep started young and maintains the same passion for safety today.

#TBT Dan

Style, class, poise… Our Strategic Video Consultant really hit his stride early. This was years before he met Mark and started working in sales at Phanta.

#TBT - The Producers Edition

At Phanta Media, we take video production very seriously. That’s why we have these two captains at the helm of our production boat. Photos may be a tad out of date but rest assured, perfectly represent Oscar (left) and Roland…


It’s #TBT and what better way to celebrate then post another sweet picture from our archives of staff before they were P.F.L. (Phantonians for life). Our Senior Motion Graphics Designer Maneesh has always had an eye for the good stuff,…

TBT Mark Drager

For Mark being the boss comes naturally. Here’s a throwback to the original Phanta Media where his mom was his sole employee. “I need those reports! Like yesterday, mom.”

Jamaica Has a Bobsled Team

Leah Earle is a digital content producer at Phanta Media and a lover of family movies like this one. When I was in third grade I started at a new private school with another new student, Christopher Candy, son of…

Ferris Bueller

Need to play hooky for the day? Learn from the best… Matthew Broderick was just 24 when Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out. Wow. Another fun fact about this movie is that it has a sweet cameo from Kristy Swanson,…