We are a Toronto Corporate Video Production Company

In truth, we win new clients because of our unique approach to corporate video, strong client list, wide- ranging portfolio and the ability to deliver high value for dollars spent. But more important than winning a new client is keeping an existing client. We do that through an old-fashioned work ethic, putting the client's needs first, being a partner (not just a supplier) and striving every day to be better than we were yesterday.

Our clients work with us time and again (and refer us to their colleagues) because, as they tell us, we "just get it". Video is a sales tool. A marketing tool. A communications tool. And when effectively developed and implemented, it can transform your business. So if you are searching for a Toronto Video Production Company who specializes in corporate video production – look no further.




Why Canada’s leading Companies & Non-Profits have
trusted Phanta Media to produce close to 1,000 videos

  • Strategic Thinking

    @Phanta Media, we’re business people first and video producers second. Strategic thinking, experience, and an unmatched approach to Corporate Video means the work we do is not just a pretty picture – it serves your business needs.

  • Smart Production

    Your project is an investment that's simply too important to fail.  Video is an organic, creative process and considering what’s at stake (your reputation/brand/investment), you have to put your trust in a partner with proven processes, experience and a risk-free approach.

  • Effective Distribution

    Simple project? Complex campaign roll out? Something completely unique to your business line? While effective distribution is often overlooked, a project can only be successful if it reaches the right people at the right time.

When there’s no room for risk, there’s Phanta Media.
Extraordinarily effective corporate videos & branded content. OUR STORY

Today, marketers and business people alike have their pick of the litter when it comes to sourcing a corporate video production company. So you have to ask yourself, what do you want from a producer? If you’re looking for experience, business sense, über creativity, mad-technical skills (as the kids would say) and a general hunger to produce the highest quality, most effective work possible – then we’re your company. For those we work with, this is our brand promise:

  • Right Projects:
    We will not produce
    the “easy” project,
    we will produce the
    “right” project.
  • Delivery:
    Our projects are
    delivered on time /
    on budget.
  • Responsive:
    We are an open book:
    detailed, transparent
    & responsive.
  • Always Push:
    Good enough is
    never enough.

Industry Specific Expertise

After years and close to a thousand videos produced, we stepped back and took note of which business lines we’re able to make the largest impact in. A customized approach for your unique challenges.

Industry Specific Expertise

Specialty Services

We know we can’t be all things to all people.
While corporate video & branded content is all
we do (and damn well if we do say so ourselves),
our specialty services are for those
facing uncommon challenges.

Our work “rocks”, or so we are told...

What a few clients say about working with us.


A few examples of our work.